Marlo History


Marlo was once a very busy port between the 1850's and 1890's.

Goods needed by the early settlers were shipped direct from Melbourne to the mouth of the Snowy River at Marlo.


At the Marlo Wharf, goods were off loaded into barges and towed by paddle steamer to Orbost.

In 1890 the paddle steamer Curlip was launched.

  The Curlip performed a variety of tasks, towing barges up and down the Snowy & Brodribb Rivers

 and towing schooners and ketches across the Marlo Entrance.

wooden boatpub

In 1925, the Curlip was swept out to sea by flood waters.

 Today you can see the PS Curlip II (a replica of the original), cruising majestically on the Snowy & Brodribb Rivers.

marlo roadhotel

In 1925, the "Marlo House" (a nine room accommodation guest house) was granted a liquor licence.

The "Marlo House" became "The Marlo Hotel".

The Marlo Hotel was popular with many Orbost and district settlers, who travelled to Marlo by horseback or buggy.


In 1886, while travelling through East Gippsland, John Stanley James wrote:

"Nothing can be lovelier than an early morning at Marlo,

with sea and sky and land glowing in the tints of the recent dawning".


125 years on.....and Marlo is as lovelier as ever.