Marlo Fishing


The Snowy River starts in the Australian Alps near Mt Kosiusko and completes its 500km journey at Marlo, where it enters the sea. 

The Snowy winds across a broad flood plain and is joined by the Brodribb River, forming the picturesque Snowy Estuary.


Bream, luderick, mullet, estuary perch, silver trevally and dusky flathead are commonly caught in the estuary.

Australian bass can be found further upstream but the mulloway can be more elusive.

Flathead can be caught in Frenchs Narrows and back to the first island.

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Lake Corringle and Lake Curlip are shalow lakes with an average depth of less than 2 metres.

Here you can catch luderick and mullet and the lakes also fish well for bream at night.

Fishing platforms along the Snowy River are also great spots to take the kids fishing for bream and luderick.


Other popular fishing spots nearby include, Point Ricardo (great surf fishing), Cape Conran, and Yeerung River & Beach.

There are boat ramps at the Marlo Jetty, Brodribb River (at the end of Old Marlo Road), Corringle Slips and on the Snowy River along Lochend Road.

You can launch out to sea from the Cape Conran boat ramp at West Cape, but only in calm conditions.


Marlo......a fishermans paradise